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10 Best Fans of 2022

Everyone enjoys summer, except for keeping cool in the sweltering heat. Sticky skin is the worst, and working (or sleeping!) in a hot, stifling environment is difficult. Because air conditioners aren’t for everyone — they’re sometimes loud and pricey — portable electric fans are a great way to stay cool as the temperature rises.

The gadgets are inexpensive, simple to install, and may be transported from room to room as needed. They also come in a number of styles to fit your demands and the environment.

The Thekitchenbuy a variety of home cooling products, including portable air conditioners, smart air conditioners, and electric fans, on a regular basis. The fans in this collection cover a diverse spectrum of the market, and we chose them based on their style and function. We looked examined each fan’s cooling range (or how far its air flow can travel) as well as noise levels when it was running as part of our in-lab and at-home tests.

We also noted how many speed settings each fan has, as well as if the air flow direction can be changed, the stand can be raised or lowered, and the head can pivot or tilt.Finally, we assessed how readily the fan could be relocated from one room to another.

Based on comprehensive lab testing, road tests of newer models, and our decades of industry knowledge, here are our best selections for electric fans.

HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • No remote

This lightweight, low-cost Honeywell HT-900 is a popular favourite, with almost 70,000 Amazon reviews giving it a five-star rating. The head can rotate to slant the airflow anywhere you want it, whether it’s on a table or on the floor. Honeywell claims that you can detect it from a distance of 25 feet.

Our experts recommend angling the head at 90 degrees for optimal air circulation in a small or medium-sized room. You may select between mild air circulation and more vigorous cooling with three speed levels. The grill is detachable and easy to clean in terms of maintenance.


  • Suitable for floor or desktop use
  • 70-foot airflow reach
  • Generous warranty
  • No remote

The Vornado 630 is the finest choice for a mid-size room, according to our experts. It performs an excellent job of circulating air, and the three speed options let you to customise the airflow to your preferences. The rotating head, which allows you to focus cold air where you need it most, is also a favourite among our engineers. Because of the fan’s squat form and robust base, you can place it on the floor or on your dresser to keep your bedroom cool while you sleep.

The Vornado’s range pleased us throughout our tests, with a reported airflow of 70 feet! We also appreciated how simple it was to clean the grill. The Vornado 660, this model’s brand companion, would be a suitable alternative for cooling a larger space.Both versions come with a five-year guarantee, which is far longer than the industry usual.


  • Space-efficient design
  • Auto-off timer
  • Easy controls
  • Grill and blades are not washable

When our experts put this Lasko to the test, they were blown away by how simple it was to use, especially with the three speed settings (all controlled by remote) and the ability to select between oscillating and stationary. We didn’t test the manufacturer’s claim that the built-in ioniser helps the air seem cleaner.

You may set the timer on the fan to run for up to seven and a half hours. A useful nighttime function dims the fan’s lights and gradually reduces the fan’s speed (and in turn, the volume). It’s simple to transfer the fan from room to room thanks to a built-in carry handle and internal storage for the remote.


  • Versatile design
  • Remote control
  • Takes up more space

This Rowenta gets high marks from our engineers for its efficient design, which blends power with silent operation. It’s also adaptable: the pedestal stand’s height can be adjusted from 42 to 54 inches, and the angle of the 16-inch head can be adjusted as well, allowing you to direct the air flow where you want it. It’s up to you whether you want it to oscillate or remain motionless. You can stay seated while switching between the five speed settings thanks to a convenient remote control.


  • Takes up little space
  • Timer with auto shut-off
  • Quiet mode for sleeping
  • Grill and blades are not washable

Honeywell’s whole-room tower Fans has a tiny footprint and enough of power to cool a medium to big room, making it a popular choice with Amazon shoppers. The eight speeds and optional oscillation, according to our specialists, allow you to choose between powerful cooling (with somewhat more noise) and a soothing almost-silent breeze, allowing you to choose the degree of white noise while cooling a bedroom while sleeping.

The controls are inconspicuous at night thanks to adjustable lighting. You won’t have to get up to modify the settings thanks to the convenient remote control, and the timer allows you to set the fan to turn off automatically at the conclusion of the cooling period.A built-in carrying handle makes it simple to move the Fans, and a receptacle for the remote keeps it from becoming misplaced.


  • Easy to install
  • Intake and exhaust options for fresh air
  • No remote control

Most double-hung and slider windows will suit the Holmes window Fans. Installation is straightforward, according to our engineers, and extension panels assist attach the Fans. We liked the three air-circulation options: the two Fans can suck fresh air in from the outside, reverse the flow to exhaust stale room air outside, or operate each Fans in opposing directions for a full air exchange. Two settings and an adjustable thermostat make it simple to chill a space even without a remote.


  • Ultimate cooling capabilities
  • Three settings
  • Optional wall mount
  • Noisy

The Lasko’s strong engine has three speed settings to help you obtain the perfect quantity of cold air in your room. This fan has received a five-star rating from over 11,000 Amazon customers. The rotating head allows you to direct the wind exactly where you want it, and the alternative wall installation saves you room on the floor.

The grill cannot be removed for cleaning; instead, you will need to use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum. It’s also not the quietest fan we’ve seen, but it’s a strong air conditioner.


  • Cools a large room
  • Pivoting head and adjustable height
  • No remote

If you need to chill a large room — or maybe a whole apartment — our experts recommend the Vornado, which is good at moving air in huge spaces. Although the fan does not oscillate, the pivoting head allows you to direct the airflow where you want it; Vornado claims it can reach up to 100 feet.

For increased adaptability, the stand’s height may be modified from 28 to 40 inches. Although there is no remote control, manually changing between the three speed levels is simple. The grill is detachable, making cleaning the blades a breeze.

Best room fan

  • Compact and portable
  • Can be plugged in or battery-operated
  • Batteries don’t last long

The Treva portable personal-sized fan from O2Cool keeps you cool whether you’re at home or outside. You may use it with a battery or put it into an outlet, and you can pick between high and low speeds to suit your needs. This Amazon favourite is easy to transport thanks to a handy built-in handle.

best fans

  • Powerful
  • Three speed settings
  • Noisy

Best Table Fans are a simple and effective method to cool a space. Hurricane’s strong version features three speeds, allowing you to customise the amount of cooling you require.

It takes up a lot of room at 20 inches wide, but it will fit on most windowsills. It isn’t the quietest fan we tested, but it is dedicated to keeping you cool and comfortable. And the pricing is unbeatable!

What to consider when shopping for a fan

✔️ Airflow reach:The airflow’s range or distance should ideally be as large as feasible. You don’t want the fan to merely cool the area immediately in front of it. The manufacturer will normally define the airflow’s range, but it may also offer an estimate of the size of the space that the fan can cool.

✔️ Size:Bigger isn’t necessarily better; a larger, more powerful fan (for example, one that can cool an apartment) generally produces more noise than, instance, a smaller but equally powerful fan that can cool a bedroom while you sleep. If you’re trying to cool a large space, though, you’ll need a fan that can handle the load.

✔️ Speed settings:Many fans have two to four settings for convenience; others have more flexible controls, allowing you to fine-tune the amount of power you desire. Keep in mind that when the speed is increased, the noise level rises. At the absolute least, the fan should have two speed settings: high and low.

✔️ Adjustability:While a good fan should be able to fill a vast room without moving, you still want to be able to direct the airflow in the direction you desire. Oscillation, several speed settings for controlling the power, and the option to modify the airflow angle give more adaptability.

✔️ Ease of cleaning:Look for a fan that can be disassembled easily so you can clean the blades and grill of dust and debris that collects over time (particularly if someone in your household has allergies!). A bladeless fan does away with the need to clean the grill and blades, but it generally comes with a filter that has to be cleaned and/or replaced on a regular basis.

✔️ Timer: Look for a model with a timer that allows you to select a run time if you want the fan to stay on for a particular amount of time or switch off automatically when you fall asleep. Some fans include a sleep mode that gradually reduces the airflow and noise level over a period of time before shutting off.