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6 Best Electric Knives of 2022

Best Electric Knives:Cutting big pieces of meat or slicing crusty breads using an electric knife, whether German or Japanese, may be easier than using a large serrated knife. While used properly, electric knives require minimal effort and may save time when cutting a range of items, such as holiday roasts, turkeys, brisket, roasted chicken, tomatoes, and some veggies and cheese.

In the Thekitchenbuy Appliances and Culinary Innovation Lab, we know what makes a best electric knife: Every year, we put hundreds of kitchen items and gadgets to the test to discover which ones are truly worth the money.

A control make this knife should feel comfortable in the hand, be simple to use and operate, and be able to cut through delicate skin and sensitive or tough crusts without tearing to produce razor-thin slices.

The blades should be simple to insert and remove, as well as secure during cutting. Our best knives cut cleanly all the way through and leave minimum blade traces on meals. The best maintain the vibrations to a minimum and knife especially easy.

We concentrated on meat, bread, and tomatoes for this experiment. We cut chicken, dissecting it into sections to observe how it handled bones and slicing through skin. We sliced medium-rare beef tenderloin to see how well we could slice meat cleanly, uniformly, and thinly.

To test each knife’s ability to slice bread without ripping or crushing, we used a crusty sourdough boule and a delicate brioche babka. We also cut ripe heirloom tomatoes into slices to see how well we could handle the delicious fruit without smashing it.

Here are the best electric knives to buy in 2022 from our recent Lab tests:

Easy Slice Electric Knife
  • Easily cut through meat and produce
  • Great price
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for crusty bread

This inexpensive knife provides the features a powerful motor support you want while slicing meat. While it didn’t generate the thinnest slices in our tests, it did a good job of cutting through skin and producing equal slices. It sliced tomatoes and delicate brioche with easily, however you’ll need some experience to get it to cut through the skin at the bottom of the slice.

It wasn’t a suitable choice for bread, though: it struggled to cut through sourdough’s top shell, and it wouldn’t slice through the bottom crust without flipping the loaf over. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent choice to have on hand for any meat or produce work.


  • Easy to use
  • Performed well across tasks in Lab tests
  • Useful safety features
  • Vibrations are apparent when slicing crusty bread

Cuisinart’s electric knife is Amazon’s Choice, and it performed admirably in our lab testing. It was particularly good at piercing the skin of roasted chicken and tomatoes without damaging them. It also sliced through crusty bread with ease, albeit our tester experienced a lot of vibration while doing easy to operate.

The knife has a serrated blade as well as a storage tray for the base, blade, and carving fork. The knife has an easy-to-use trigger, but before you can start cutting, you must first toggle a sliding lock. Two blade-release buttons are pressed from the handle’s sides, removing any potential for confusion with the trigger (meaning no accidental blade releasing during cutting).

Best Electric Knives

  • Sliced meats, tomatoes and breads cleanly
  • Non-slip thumb pad
  • Blade release button did not lock

The offset blade shape of this Black+Decker electric knife helped it score the crusty bread test, which was a challenge for many other models. This multifunctional knife also performed admirably in our poultry and tomato tests, earning an above-average grade for thinly and thickly slicing meat.

The finger grips on the blades and the increased surface area around the base made removing and replacing the blades in the motor housing a breeze. The on/off switch is a trigger on the bottom, and the top features a nice rubberized non-slip grip for your thumb. One thing to notice is that, while the blade was secure during usage, the blade release button operated regardless of the blade’s position release pin.


  • Cordless for ultimate portability
  • Includes a bread blade and a carving blade
  • Expensive

The only cordless  Electric Knives sets in our list is this strong electric knife: It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, so it’s perfect for tabletop carving without the need for an outlet. A lock switch is located above the on/off button on the Waring knife, which is useful for increased safety while setting it down.

It also worked admirably in our lab testing, slicing through poultry skin and tomatoes with ease. The WEK200 comes with a bread blade and a meat blade, both of which may be used with the supplied slicing-guide attachment to make consistent slices, although we found it to be inconvenient in our tests. All of the components, including the charging wire, fit inside a hard storage case


  • Good for slicing chicken
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for crusty bread

The Hamilton Beach knife comes with a carving fork and a slim case that makes storage simple. In our tests, it sliced through chicken skin with no tearing and handled thick and thin slices, though it did leave blade marks on the meat.

It struggled with sourdough bread, as it was unable to slice through the top crust at all. It handled tomatoes with a high score, but the blades trapped the juices, which made for drippy slicing.



  • Easy to hold and operate
  • Affordably priced
  • Not suitable for crusty bread

The best electric knife, which costs less than $30, performs admirably. It excelled in our tomato testing, leaving no blade scars on thick or thin slices and slicing the fruit neatly without breaking or crushing it. The underside of the curving shape has a non-slip grooved surface for fingers, and the on-off button is on top, making it considerably more pleasant to grasp while in use (compared with the bottom-mounted trigger style of some).

Large, curved finger grips on the blades make detaching and reattaching the blades simple. However, if you plan on slicing a lot of crusty bread, our experts advise against this model.The blade fought to penetrate through the top crust, sliced the bottom crust in numerous passes, and crushed the bread in the process. It was also just long enough to get around the boule when it was at its widest point.


What to consider before buying an electric knife

Many people believe it’s worth it to invest in an electric knife purely for the sake of carving a Thanksgiving turkey, and it’s undeniably helpful. Even if you’re not the Designated Carver every November, think about your cooking and eating habits before deciding whether or not to get an electric knife.

If you often roast meats such as chicken, lamb, or huge portions of pig or beef, the quickness of cutting with an electric knife may be appealing.

However, for people with dexterity challenges, an electric knife with two parallel blades that saw extremely swiftly in opposition to each other can be a useful instrument. It will often lessen the amount of power required while slicing — whether bread, cheese, or fruits and vegetables — making the operation more comfortable.

It’s also useful for people who fillet their own fish. You’ll need a thin blade and to seek for knife types that are compatible with your fish (round, flat, huge, tiny), but it can break down fish quickly.