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8 Best Coffee Grinders in 2022

8 Best Coffee Grinders in 2022

Best coffee grinders : It’s difficult to go back after a fantastic cup of coffee. While many things influence flavour, such as the best coffee machine you use and the temperature at which the brew is poured, one of the most crucial is the freshness of the beans, which is where best coffee grinders come in.

The flavour of whole coffee beans lasts far longer than that of ground coffee. Consider the difference between the intense odour of freshly minced garlic and the imperceptible aroma of a full clove: The longer you let the garlic to rest once it’s been sliced up, the less fragrant it will get. The similar thing occurs to coffee beans once they’ve been ground and exposed to air; their taste begins to fade. The freshest flavour comes from grinding your own beans before each drink. It also lets you to easily manage the grind size, which is important whether you want fine grinds for espresso machines, medium grinds for drip coffee makers, or coarse grinds for French presses or cold brew.

The Kitchen Appliances Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute recently tested 20 various coffee grinders, including blade grinders, burr grinders, and manual grinders. They used the fine, medium, and coarse settings to examine for even, distinct grinds, as well as the noise level of each grinder. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of coffee grinders and how our specialists evaluated them. The following are the top-rated coffee grinders based on our research:

Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder
  • Coffee bean capacity: 9 tablespoons, according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Grind settings: Not applicable to blade grinders (only applicable to burr grinders); grind size can be controlled by how many times you pulse it or how long you process it
  • Cup settings: None, but can be controlled by how many tablespoons of coffee beans you grind at a time

Although blade grinders are less costly than burr grinders, the Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Blade Grinder stands out in terms of performance. It is capable of swiftly and uniformly grinding up to 9 tablespoons of coffee beans. It’s also simple to use, having only one button to push. The translucent top lets you see inside to monitor how your beans are grinding, and the grinding container is easily removed for emptying into a coffee filter.

The container, unlike the other blade grinders we tested, has marks for 6-, 10-, and 12-cup coffee grounds to help you get the most out of your experience. It also specifies a limit for spices (although we typically recommend grinding your coffee and spices with different grinders). A secret cord storage system within the base is another unusual feature: Pull it down to reveal a dowel around which you may wrap the cable, then pop it back up to conceal it.

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Coffee bean
  • capacity: 3/4 pound
  • Grind settings: 15
  • Cup settings: None, but offers a 30-second programmable timer

We were delighted with how well the OXO burr grinder worked in our tests. It generated excellent consistent coffee grounds suitable for espresso, cold brew, and anything in between. The hopper (where the beans are kept) has a UV-blocking tint and an airtight top, both of which aid in taste preservation. It also has the greatest capacity of all the grinders we tested, holding up to 3/4 pound of coffee beans.

The grinder is controlled by a button and grinds into a static-resistant stainless steel container with a cover that has a hole large enough to easily discharge the grounds into a coffee filter without making a mess. During grinding, the cover also keeps the ground from flying around. After you’ve emptied the grounds, secure the container in place and it’ll be ready for the next batch.

Our Best Recommended Kitchen Product

DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
  • Coffee bean
  • capacity: 1/2 pound
  • Grind settings: 18
  • Cup settings: 4 to 18 cups 

The Cuisinart Surpreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill comes in 18 various grind sizes, each of which is significantly different. The best grind is ideal for espresso, the medium grind is ideal for drip and pour over, and the coarse grind is ideal for cold brew and French press. A tiny hole in the grounds container allows grounds to transfer quickly and mess-free into a coffee filter. You may also replace the container in the base with with one hand. For simple cleaning, the grinder comes with a two-in-one coffee scoop and brush.

Bistro Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Coffee bean
  • capacity: 7.75 ounces
  • Grind settings: 12
  • Cup settings: Grinds up to 20 seconds at a time

With its well-labeled burr coffee grinder, Bodum makes it plain which setting to use. The airtight plastic top is imprinted with a chart that shows how long to grind the beans depending on the type of coffee and how much you’re preparing. Select one of 12 grind settings by turning the 7.75-ounce hopper; the hopper is tilted, allowing beans to flow into the grinder. The Bodum Burr Coffee Grinder performed well in our tests, producing even grinds on the fine, medium, and coarse settings, all of which were visibly different in size, making it ideal for espresso, drip coffee, French press, and cold brew.

The best hand coffee grinder contains a timer that allows you to grind for up to 20 seconds in five-second increments. It features a glass container with a top that keeps the grinds from flying all over the place. When shaking grounds into a filter, the lid stays in place, but it’s also simple to remove if you prefer to use a coffee scoop. The grounds container includes a rubber grip that makes it simpler to handle, and it simply glides into and out of the holder.

Infinity Plus Conical Burr Grinder
  • Coffee bean capacity: 11 ounces
  • Grind settings: 16
  • Cup settings: 1 to 12 cups 

The quietest burr grinder we tested was the Capresso Infinity Plus Conical Burr Grinder. The Capresso generated a low, muted sound, similar to the Krups, our quietest blade grinder. It has 16 grind settings, each of which has well defined marks for simple selection. The grinder also has a dial that allows you to select the number of cups you want to grind, ranging from 1 to 12. With one hand, the ergonomic container may be easily removed from the housing. It has a broad opening and little static, making it ideal for pouring coffee grinds into a coffee filter.

Silent Vortex Electric Grinder
  • Coffee bean capacity: 12 tablespoons
  • Grind settings: Not applicable to blade grinders (only applicable to burr grinders); grind size can be controlled by how many times you pulse it or how long you process it
  • Cup settings: None, but can be controlled by how many tablespoons of coffee beans you grind at a time

The Krups Silent Vortex Electric Grinder was the quietest grinder we tested after a few inevitable clanky pulses. While not completely silent, it featured a muted sound that would be beneficial to any household’s sleeping members (not to mention neighbors, for those in thin-walled apartments). It was not only silent, but it also swiftly generated even grounds. It has a tiny footprint, making it ideal for those who live in apartments.

Manual Coffee Grinder
SPECIFICATIONS: Best Coffee Grinders
  • Coffee bean capacity: 6 tablespoons
  • Grind settings: No specific settings are marked, but the grind size can be adjusted via a dial on the bottom of the grinder
  • Cup settings: None, but can be controlled by how many tablespoons of coffee beans you grind at a time

A manual coffee grinder is the ideal option for people searching for the quietest way to ground coffee. It’s also a less expensive option than an electric burr grinder. The JavaPresse features the most user-friendly handle of the three manual hand coffee grinders we tested: it was the most ergonomic and easiest to operate — and it didn’t slide off throughout our tests. We appreciated that we could see the coffee grounds through the viewing window on the container, and that its grind settings were the easiest to manage (through a dial on the bottom of the grinder, similar to some pepper mills).

Smart Grinder Pro
  • Coffee bean capacity: 1 pound
  • Grind settings: 60
  • Cup settings: 1 to 8 espresso shots, 1 to 12 coffee cups

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a superbly constructed espresso and coffee grinder for the most discerning espresso and coffee aficionados. It has 60 grind settings and produces some of the most consistent results we’ve ever seen. The fine setting provides powdery, non-clumping grinds, while the coarse option mimics store-bought ground coffee. The grinder has a huge digital screen on which you can easily pick the grind size, cup quantity, and grind duration, which can be adjusted in 0.2-second increments. The grinds fall into a plastic container marked for espresso, drip, and French press coffee. If you don’t use all of the ground coffee at once, the container has a cover for the opening in the lid.

The attachment for portafilters is the grinder’s most unusual feature, allowing you to ground coffee straight into the filter you use in your espresso machine. Long gone are the days of measuring and filling with a scoop.

How we test coffee grinders

The specialists at the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances Lab examined 20 different grinders from renowned manufacturers as well as hot sellers on Amazon to determine which ones to suggest. They comprised three manual blade and burr grinders, as well as a variety of blade and burr grinders. Our experts rated the grinders based on how simple they were to set up and operate, as well as how effectively they functioned. To get the most precise findings, they utilised the same sort of coffee bean and made sure they were all purchased on the same day. The top grinders were able to do the following:

✔️ On the fine, medium, and coarse settings, make even grinds.

✔️ You may change the parameters and still get the right-sized grounds.

✔️ Grind beans into visibly different sizes for espresso, drip coffee, and cold brew/French press, respectively, in fine, medium, and coarse settings.

✔️ Easily pour grinds from the container onto a coffee filter with no mess.

✔️ Grind the beans in a gentle manner.

What type of coffee grinder is best?

There are three main types of coffee grinders: blade grinders, burr grinders and manual grinders.

✔️Blade grinders function similarly to a food processor, but with blunted edges. To cut the coffee beans, the blade rotates. When the beans were intact, the ones we tested were noisy, but as the beans broke down, they became quieter. Blade grinders are often smaller and more compact than burr grinders, although they still take some practise to produce evenly ground coffee of the proper size.

✔️Burr grinders act similarly to a pepper mill in that coffee beans are ground into bits by passing them between two metal or plastic grinding surfaces (burrs). Depending on how many settings the grinder has, the grind size may be carefully regulated, and the results are quite consistent, contributing to a richer, more balanced taste. Blade grinders are bigger, noisier, and typically more costly.

✔️Manual grinders are a compact and affordable choice, but finding the right setting may be difficult, and grinding takes much longer than we’d want. They, too, ground beans between two burrs, much like a pepper mill. Manual grinders may only hold a tiny amount of beans and must be turned multiple times to grind them. Manual grinders, on the other hand, are nearly quiet when compared to blade and burr grinders.

What to look for when buying a coffee grinder

Once you’ve decided whether a burr, blade or manual grinder is right for you, you’ll also want to consider the following:

✔️ Hopper size:Burr grinders feature hoppers that can keep entire beans, but blade grinders do not, so if you don’t want to load your coffee grinder every day, a burr grinder is the way to go. Although a big hopper may contain a complete 1-pound bag of beans, some bean connoisseurs say that beans stay fresher if kept in a cold, dry closet away from light. (For this reason, some hoppers are dark and have a UV-blocking tint.) Most hoppers can carry around half a pound to a pound and a half of beans.

✔️ Settings:It may appear that the more settings on a burr grinder, the better, but most coffee grinder users only require fine, medium, and coarse settings – the key is that each setting produces substantially different grounds for espresso, drip, and cold brew coffees. Remember that blade grinders do not have settings; you must alter the grind setting by processing for longer or shorter periods of time depending on the desired outcome.

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